Waterford Heritage & Agricultural Museum

Waterford Museum Gallery Photo 159 Nichol Street, Waterford, Ontario

N42° 55.994′ / W80° 17.853′

WHAM is located in one of Waterford’s best known industrial landmarks “The Pickle Factory”. The museum exhibits the rich social, industrial, and agricultural history of the area through the use of interactive and engaging exhibits. Visitors can sort cucumbers for processing in the pickle factory or try their hand at milking our moo-seum cow, Bessie.




Waterford Museum Agricultural Gallery

Agricultural Gallery

Pickle Factory Label Exhibit

Pickle Factory Label Exhibit











Coat from the Land Steward's Closet Exhibit

Coat from the Land Steward’s Closet Exhibit at WHAM

 Land Steward’s Closet Exhibit

This newly mounted exhibition will bring together seven community created coats from across Canada for the very first time!

Land Steward’s Closet by Marguerite Laramand

Land Steward’s Closet is a collection of coats that are coats of nature. Each coat is a voice speaking for some part of the wider soil community. For our interests, the soil community may be divided into three parts, the topsoil, the plant layer and the animal layer which includes humanity. All three are interconnected and interdependent.

Visit our unusual closet  to see the Soil First Coat,  the Monarch Coats of Norfolk County, the Great Shadfly Coat  from North Bay, the Forest Coat from Thunder Bay and the Woodland Caribou Coats from Edmonton.